What Can CSI Do For You?

Many Companies use a large number of unconnected digital tools to run their business. This adds time, frustration, and disorganization every step of the way to Owners, Employees, and Consumers. CSI specializes in bringing all the digital tools needed to run a business into one integrated 1-Box System. Everything is connected through one dashboard and one database. This simplifies and organizes your daily business operations.

Pain Points an Integrated 1-Box System Relieves:

  • Duplicate Data entry into multiple programs, services, and/or software.
  • Time Spent switching between multiple programs services and/or software.
  • Connecting your website leads to your sales staff
  • Entering in all data manually
  • Poor follow up with Clientele due to internal and external communications issues.
  • Internal Task Management
  • Employees losing time searching through poorly organized data and files
  • Control over how your employees can use your business computers
  • Organizing information and notes on Leads for proper follow up and closing sales.
  • Inventory Data Analysis and Tracking
  • Sales Data Analysis and Tracking
  • Control over who in your company has access to what information
  • Scheduling meetings and calls
  • Managing Contacts and Clients

If your business suffers from any of these issues, CSI is your affordable solution. Schedule a FREE project consultation TODAY.